Open Car Carrier

  This is the most common and economical way to move your vehicle. Your vehicle will be transported on an open car carrier, commonly seen delivering new cars to dealerships. That doesn’t mean any details are over looked. We only use our proprietary private 5 star Carrier network built over 17 years for our customers transports. All transports include full insurance, door-to-door service and online tracking. Call us at 724-544-1342 or Request a Quote.

 Classic Car Transportation 

  We love our Classic cars. With value beyond monetary, we know how to make our customers feel secure in knowing that they will be getting the highest white glove service possible. With every detail of your vehicle checked over twice, lift gate enclosed trailers if needed and only straps to secure your vehicle, you will know that your car is being handled right. Call us at 724-544-1342 or Request a Quote.

Auction Vehicle Transport

  Most Auctions charge a late fee if the vehicle you purchased is not picked up within a certain amount of days. With our Auction Carrier Network we help our new and used car dealers avoid any unnecessary Auction late fees. Since these types of transports are normally a high priority please call (724)-544-1342(this number can also receive texts) for more details or Request a Quote.


Worldwide Shipping

  We are an international transport specialist. Private Auto Transport has the capability of shipping your vehicle to any major port in the world. We've been an international car shipping company for over 17 years. Our staff has the experience and resources to coordinate every aspect of your transportation. Get a free quote below or by calling (724)-544-1342 or Request a Quote.

Door to Door Service

  We provide door-to-door options, which means that your vehicle will be collected and delivered as close to the given address as possible. Depending on where you want the vehicle delivered, sometimes a vehicle cannot be delivered to the front door of your house because many trucks and trailers cannot travel down narrow – or in many cases – steep roads and streets. It will be more than likely that your transporter will contact you and request a meeting in a nearby parking area to collect or deliver your car. You must be flexible with the carrier. You need to ensure your own safety,  and the safety of driver and vehicle. Call us at 724-544-1342 or Request a Quote

Enclosed Car Carriers

  Shipping an Antique or Exotic vehicle can be extremely stressful. We offer fully enclosed hard side trailers with lift gates to all our customers upon request. All enclosed trailers are insured for a minimum of $1,000,000. for more details please feel free to call us at (724) 544-1342 or Request a Quote.


Seasonal Specials

  During the winter months when many people are moving from the cold weather to warmer climates 'snowbird season' there is an increase in the amount of cars moving which can make it much harder to get your car moved. Here is where Private Auto Transports 17 years of transport experience benefits our customers. . Over the years Private Auto Transport has developed long standing relationships with Drivers and Carriers that dedicate spots for our customers at these times of the year.  Enjoy your vacation don't sit around wondering if and when your car is going to be delivered. Get a head start and call us 724-544-1342 or Request a Quote. 


Heavy Equipment Transporters

   We handle all types of heavy equipment, from Backhoes and excavators to Tractor trailers. My carriers are equipped to handle it all. Step deck trailers, low boys and extendable trailers are available for your shipment. These types of transport can be more difficult to move. Please call us at  724-544-1342  or Request a Quote 



RV And Specialty Transportation

  Our RV and Specialty Transportation services are provided to aid you in the nationwide transportation of your larger than average cargo. There are many options available in order to ensure the proper transportation. We offer flat bed trucks, low boy trailers, Step Deck trailers, Double extendable drop trailers, Vessel Trailers, and Multi-Axle Extendable Step Deck trailers.
RV's, school buses, box trucks, articulated haulers, backhoes, boring machines, bulldozers, compactors, concrete mixers, cranes, crushers, ditch diggers, dump trucks, excavators, forklifts, generators, lifts, light towers, pipe layers, plow trucks, railroad equipment, road wideners, scrapers, skid steer loaders, snow equipment, tanks, tractors, trailers, utility equipment, vacuum trucks water towers, water trucks, welders wheel loaders and any other piece of large equipment.
* If you do not see your item listed above, please call (724) 544-1342 and speak with a specialty item transport specialist. We are equipped to handle any size transport no matter how big or small. Request A Quote

Boat and Yacht Transport

  We offer trailers for every size and shape boat including low trailers to compensate for height issues and specialty trailers for large boats. We provide you with state of the art modern equipment with air ride suspension and can also offer hydraulic trailers, hotshot trailers and trucks to transport your Boat or jet-ski. All of our boat transportation options are fully insured and door to door. 
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