PRICE. Price is the most important factor in moving your car. I will guarantee you when it comes to the business of moving vehicles  the cheapest price is never the best price.  No matter who moves your vehicle, your rate is based on what the driver wants to get the move done. At Private Auto Transport we will provide you with a fair market rate and  a 5 star carrier to move your vehicle. The way you need and expect.

PAYMENT METHOD. Never let a transport company take your money upfront. At Private Auto Transport we require our customers to  provide us with a credit card upfront but your card is NEVER CHARGED until your vehicle has been booked on a truck. That is a  guarantee.

Inspection Report. Be prepared to do the inspection report with the driver no matter what the circumstances are.  That means if its raining have an umbrella, if its cold have a jacket and if its dark have a flash light. Your driver will go over your car and mark down any imperfections or damage to your vehicle. Make sure you agree with the items he has marked and you sign off on them and take a carbon copy of that report.

INSURANCE. Your vehicle is insured against damage and theft by your car transport company. BUT NOT IF THE INSPECTION REPORT ISN'T DONE AND SIGNED OFF ON. Always ask for a copy of the drivers insurance.  Your carrier’s insurance should be PRIMARY or SECONDARY to your own insurance in the event of damage during car transport. Also ask if there is a damage deductible – In addition, your own car insurance may cover your vehicle in transit – check with your car insurance company to verify. Keep in mind that many auto transport companies may discourage or prohibit you from leaving personal articles in your vehicle. Any personal articles left in the car are not insured – your home policy may cover these articles, but you should check with your home insurance agent to verify. ALSO NOTE THAT OVERLOADING YOUR TRUNK WITH HEAVY ITEMS MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE TO YOUR CAR’S UNDERCARRIAGE. Your car transport company may not cover damage in that instance.

PICK-UP AND DELIVERY DATES.  You should be able to get a 3-day window for pick-up – during the busy summer or snow bird season the window may be larger, but the car transport company should warn you of possible delays ahead of time. BE SKEPTICAL OF EXACT PICK-UP AND DELIVERY DATES PROMISED BY CAR TRANSPORT AND AUTO DRIVEAWAY COMPANIES WHEN BOOKING YOUR ORDER – IF YOU ARE PROMISED EXACT DATES, GET IT IN WRITING AND STATE THE REMEDY IF SERVICE IS NOT PERFORMED ON PROMISED DATES ($50 discount, no fee to cancel, reimbursement for rental car, etc.) . Once pick-up is made, your car transport company should provide you with a fairly precise delivery date. If you need an exact date for pick-up, most auto shipping services can pick-up your car and hold it at a terminal for an additional charge.

ACCEPTING YOUR VEHICLE FOR DELIVERY. At the time of delivery, inspect your vehicle SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY and compare the condition and mileage against the “Original Inspection Report” provided by your car transport company at origination (ALSO INSPECT THE ROOF AND UNDER FRONT AND REAR BUMPERS). If there are inconsistencies, note them as exceptions and be sure the driver signs it. TRY NOT TO ACCEPT YOUR VEHICLE AT NIGHT IF YOU CANNOT VERIFY ITS CONDITION – without being viewed and signed by the driver, you have little recourse if damage had occurred during transit.

IF DAMAGE SHOULD OCCUR. The majority of car transport experiences are worry-free, with your damage-free vehicle arriving at the estimated time. On occasion, a vehicle may become damaged in transit. If this should happen, note all damage on your inspection report (see item above), obtain the driver’s signature, and contact your car transport company. The car transport company should then work with you to reimburse you for verifiable damage done to your car.


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